The world's first Virtual Cloud Architect

The Virtual Cloud Architect is a SaaS that delivers a continuous cloud platform operating model by orchestrating your fundamental AWS services into easy-to-use foundations, APIs, and UI.

No Code, Just Works, Always On!

Cloudfoundations stack

Global Compliance & Collaboration-Ready Cloud Platform

The Virtual Cloud Architect removes the cloud's "DIY" efforts, expensive outsourcing, and manual coding from the design, build, & management of multiple cloud platforms.

Eliminate cloud platform misconfigurations, cloud sprawl, vendor lock-in, and wasted spending while increasing innovation, compliance, time to market and maximizing the ROI of your cloud investments. It's ready in hours, not weeks or months.

Cloudforce global platform v2

We build your AWS cloud platform with you!

The Virtual Cloud Architect builds your Cloud Platform Operating Model based on 5 Principles.
  • Cloudcontroller icon1
    Cloud-Platform Orchestration & Collaboration
    Declarative procedures, processes, and best practices for continuous cloud-platform relaibility
  • Organization circle
    Multi-Account Management & Governance
    Centrally manage and govern cloud accounts across organizations and application environments
  • Costcenter circle
    Cost & Usage Optimization
    Centrally track account spending and usage with continuous visibility and service aware context
  • Visibility triangle
    Identity & Security Controls
    Secure cloud accounts with compliance controls, centralized logging, guardrails, IAM, and SSO
  • Transit hex
    Networking & Connectivity
    Centrally managed IPAM, DNS, VPCs, transitive routing, access controls, remote access & connectivity

The Cloudforce Platform Operating Model

A consistent Cloud Platform Operating Model, empowering Cloud Architects and Developers.

Cloudforce platform operating model (1)

Easy-to-use Building Blocks

The vCloud Architect orchestrates essential AWS services and APIs into easy-to-use building blocks, No code!

  • Aws organizations
  • Aws control tower
  • Aws resource access manager
  • Aws cloudformation
  • Aws identity center
  • Aws account
  • Aws service control policy
  • Aws management account
  • Aws iam permissions
  • Aws iam role
  • Aws sts
  • Aws cost and usage reports
  • Aws cost explorer
  • Amazon vpc
  • Aws direct connect
  • Aws route 53
  • Aws route53 resolver
  • Aws transit gateway
  • Aws nat gateway
  • Aws s2s vpn
  • Aws peering connection
  • Aws segment network
  • Aws vpc internet gateway
  • Aws cloud trail
  • Aws dns query logging
  • Aws vpc flowlogs
  • Aws s3
  • Aws support
  • Aws security hub
  • Aws guardduty

Why do you need Cloudforce?

A continuous Cloud Platform Operating Model eliminates critical "DIY" cloud mistakes.

  • Skills Gaps & project delays

  • Wasted Cloud Spend

  • Increased Attack Surfaces

  • platform misconfigurations

  • Compliance & Cloud drift

  • Platform Modernization

Immediate Impact of Cloudforce

The Cloudforce Virtual Cloud Architect increases your cloud platform's agility, security, and ROI.

  • 1,000+
    Hours Saved
  • 99%
    More Secure
  • 92%
    Total Savings

Gartner predicts that through 2025, more than 99% of cloud breaches will be traced back to preventable cloud-native platform misconfigurations or mistakes by end-users. 

Cloud Operations help organizations meet foundational requirements to optimize their AWS investment with improved security, identity, management, networking, and operations.

Virtual Cloud Architect

The Virtual Cloud Architect is a working team member who guides you through building your Cloudforce Platform Operating model using the Cloud Hub (SaaS) and is ready to support you along the cloud journey as a trusted advisor.
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Augment your "Ops" teams and remove skills gaps.

  • IT & DevOps

    "No-Code" Account and Landing Zone orchestration remove AWS guesswork and maintenance with consistent platform operations supporting developer application delivery and IT oversight.

  • Network Ops

    "Just Works" managed networking removes all the complexity and effort needed in building AWS native networking. Turnkey VPC, IPAM, DNS, and connectivity deliver consistent agility and availability.

  • Security Ops

    "Always-On" security baselines and governance is enforced through consistent landing zones, managed cloud accounts, guardrails, IAM, SSO, logging, and data residency controls.

Cloud Hub (SaaS)

No Code, continuously maintain your Cloud Platform Operating Model with a ready-built product.
Cloudfoundations stack

Accounts Foundation

Centrally orchestrate Multi-Account Management, Organizations, and Governance into "No-Code" Landing Zones. Declarative compute environments, no blueprints, no coding, no upkeep!
Cloudfoundations accountsghost
Cloud Hub Foundational Platform Services
  • Organization circle
  • Environment circle
  • Governance

Cost Foundation

"Always-On" Cloud Hub Cost Center & Application Registry provides operational visibility across multiple accounts, regions, and applications, enabling AWS cost and usage optimization. No manual service tags or spreadsheets required.
Cloudfoundations costghost
Cloud Hub Foundational Platform Services
  • Costcenter circle
    Cost Center
  • Serviceregistry circle
    App Registry
  • Project circle

Security Foundation

"Always-On", Identity, Security, and Compliance by orchestrating AWS IAM, SSO, and Guardrails. Collect and archive Cloudtrail, VPC, and DNS logging, within a secure S3 bucket. Enforce data residency controls across accounts and regions.
Cloudfoundations securityghost
Cloud Hub Foundational Platform Services
  • Sso triangle
    IAM & SSO
  • Visibility triangle
    Central Logging
  • Securityguardrail triangle

Networking Foundation

"Just Works" dynamically orchestrates hyperscaler VPC networking & design. Effortlessly scale IPAM, DNS, and Direct Connect with AWS accounts. Hire the Virtual Cloud Architect to build and manage advanced Transit Gateway Networking.
Cloudfoundations networkingghost
Cloud Hub Foundational Platform Services
  • Vpc hex
    Managed VPCs
  • Ipam hex
    IPAM Service
  • Dns hex
    DNS Management


Cloud Hub enables you to build continuously governed accounts & landing zones by standardizing the fundamental AWS platform services into an easy-to-use product for a consistent and reliable developer experience.
Cloudcontroller icon1

API-first Cloud Platform

Create a Cloud Hub in minutes using the Cloudforce API with just a few lines of code.
Screenshot 2022 12 09 at 8.23.44 pm

The Developer Experience

Cloud Hub provides a consistent Developers experience by vending cloud accounts and VPCs from the Cloudforce Platform to build compliance-ready applications and consume cloud services. 

  • Cloudforce developer experience

Cloudforce Annual Subscriptions

Virtual Cloud Architect, Cloud Hub (SaaS), and Managed AWS Networking Services

  • Cloudforce subscription launchpad
  • Cloudforce subscription enterprise
  • Cloudforce Startup

    AWS is built for you. The Virtual Cloud Architect rapidly builds the Cloudforce Platform Operating Model using AWS Cloud Hub (SaaS) foundations. "No Code, Just Works, Always-On." 

  • Cloudforce Business

    The Virtual Cloud Architect Integrates the Cloudforce Platform Operating Model into your data center using multi-region Cloud Hubs, Advanced Networking, and Connectivity.

  • Cloudforce Enterprise

    Hire a Virtual Cloud Architect to design, deploy, and manage your AWS Transit Gateway Networking (Access, Core, Edge). No added EC2 consumption or software license costs.

Cloudforce vCA vs. Do It Yourself

Cloudforce vCA vs. "DIY" ROI estimates are based on AWS Platform size, design & build time, CloudOps, and required engineering resources. 

  • Startup (ROI)

    AWS Monthly Consumption est. up to $50,000
    1 -2 Regions
  • Business (ROI)

    AWS Monthly Consumption est. up to $100,000
    2 - 4 Regions
  • Enterprise (ROI)

    AWS Monthly Consumption est. up to $200,000
    4 - 8 Regions

AWS Partner Delivery

AWS ISV Delivery, GTM, & Sales Engineering support

  • Simplify Cloud Delivery

    We simplify cloud solutions delivery to customers, consultants, sales engineering, and channels. We also solve AWS complexity, skills gaps, and architecture challenges for ISV, Data Centers, and OEM partners. 

  • Jumpstart Cloud Business

    Traditional on-premises and ISV vendors are looking for meaningful and strategic ways to provide value in the cloud. We will build your solutions into the cloud platforms where customers value them most.

  • (GTM) Virtual Cloud Architect

    Customers want a unified experience and demand cloud expertise from their solution providers. We fulfill that AWS GTM demand and SA Skills Gaps while you focus on your solutions.

Cloudforce Partner Network

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